Smarten up my home – or not?

So, you’re planning a major home remodel and you ask, should I smarten up my home – or not? While smart homes are certainly making headlines around the world, as perhaps the most tangible and accessible aspect of the overall increased online connectivity of the Internet of Things, Southwest Floridians have been familiar with smart […]

The ROI of remodeling

Ever considered the ROI of remodeling? Sure, we naturally think first of how much nicer our home will be when we start thinking about remodeling. But the ROI of remodeling is a significant factor which should also be considered. ROI is, of course, the nearly universal acronym for “return on investment” or the value one […]

Remodeling for retirement

Retirement is a commonly used word around Southwest Florida but the phrase remodeling for retirement is probably not used often enough. By remodeling for retirement we mean getting one’s home set up now for the years down the road when, say, one’s mobility might not be a fluid as it is today; when the natural […]

Remodeling projects are increasing

Remodeling projects are increasing across the U.S. housing marketing, according to statistical data compiled by a Harvard University think tank. Growth in overall spending on home remodeling projects will accelerate, according to the Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, and will outpace spending on new construction in the U.S., despite real gains in new construction. […]