An August home check list

Almost time for school to return, our winter visitors will soon be on the horizon; it might be a good time to review an August home check list. People who think the seasons never change in Southwest Florida just aren’t paying attention. While “summer” weather will last well into deep October and, even, December in […]

Home renovation projects are increasing nationwide

Home renovation projects are increasing nationwide, according to Houzz, the fast-growing online portal for home improvement and design. “Many firms have reported an increase in kitchen and bath renovations, smart technology and aging-related projects so far in 2016 compared to the same period in 2015,” wrote Houzz staffer Erin Carlyle. “That said, their confidence level […]

Fantastic Florida yard using less water

It’s really possible, even in beautiful Southwest Florida to have a fantastic Florida yard using less water. And by “less water,” we mean practically none from the city water supply – only that which falls naturally upon the yard (which plentiful this time of year, of course). The key is landscaping one’s yard with plants […]

Home office can be a real home office

Your home office can be a real home office. Perhaps more Southwest Florida residents than you realize work from home, these days. Let’s face it, if you can work remotely, from anywhere – run your multi-national corporation on the Internet and live anywhere you want – why would you choose any place other than Southwest […]

Hiring a remodeling contractor

We’re sure you have lots of questions when it comes to hiring a remodeling contractor. We know that because we are, of course, a remodeling contractor and we hear those questions all the time. It’s okay. We’re happy to answer them and walk you through our process. But even more than that, we’d like to […]