Let your home restore you!

Let your home restore you! It is said, “home is where the heart is.” It’s also true that home is where the rest is, where the restoration is. Home is where we go to rest, restore, refresh, find sanctuary for the next day and coming days. We can never overestimate the value of our homes […]

How can I improve the outside of my home?

How can I improve the outside of my home? Sure, we’re in the home remodeling and renovation business (commercial construction, too) but the outside of one’s home has amazing potential for the creation of amenities and living space you may not have even considered. Especially here in Florida there is little reason to keep our […]

Stay calm and unclutter!

Stay calm and unclutter! Does a cluttered home drive you nuts? Yea? Maybe or maybe not? It’s your home and your lifestyle. However, if clutter is a problem for you we have some advice, thanks to a piece published recently on Houzz by Laura Gaskill, an expert in mindful clutter clearing. We’re on Houzz, too. […]

Upgrades that won’t break the bank

Oh yea, starting a remodeling project comes with lots of decisions – many financial – but there are upgrades that won’t break the bank. Quality improvements don’t have to be expensive. “When building or renovating, it’s often best to put your money where your water is — that is, in the kitchen and bathrooms,” explains […]

Remodeling: where do I start?

Remodeling: where do I start? It’s the question nearly every home owner asks well before, even, she or he has any idea what exactly the remodeling project will be. Relax, you’re not alone. Fortunately for us, Houzz contributor Eva Byrne asked the same questions and came up with a comfortable way of focusing one’s remodeling […]

Kitchen remodeling trends for 2017

Kitchen remodeling trends for 2017 will run from colorful cabinetry to tactile textures to pops of pink. At least those are some of the predictions from designers Jane Lockhart and Gail Drury as detailed to Houzz contributor Sam Ferris. “They’re confident these 10 trends will rule the cooking sphere this year,” Ferris wrote in a […]