Renovations by Henning has a small feature in the Fall 2014 issue of an international journal dedicated to the building arts.

Renovations by Henning - DDC JournalThe current issue of the quarterly, DDC Journal (Design, Develop, Construction Journal), includes a feature on one of Florida’s most prestigious developers, The Ronto Group, and its amazing work at the Twin Eagles Community in North Naples. As part of the feature, Renovations by Henning President Heather Henning Milner gets the chance to praise Ronto for its accomplishments at Twin Eagles.

We have enjoyed being part of the construction team on their clubhouse and amenity projects and congratulate them on the success of Twin Eagles,” Heather explains. “The Henning Group is a family-owned general contractor with 90 years of experience in commercial construction and large residential renovation.”

The DDC Journal highlights in each issue the people and companies “with the vision to build North America” and publishes features about major market segments of the industry: “commercial, industrial, office, mixed-use, government, healthcare, education, retail and residential.”

“We believe that in a time of unparalleled human consumption the combined industries we cover are leading the way in finding solutions to some of the major challenges we face today,” explains the publication. “That’s why we’ll go directly to the source and talk with decision makers whose philosophies are directly applicable across industry in general.”