We know major home projects can seem overwhelming, sometimes, so we suggest breaking it down when it comes to home renovations: make a list!

Start with first things first. What is the goal of your project? One room? More than one room? Interior? Exterior? How do you want your home to look when your project is complete? Do you have a budget?

Writing for the popular online wonder garden of home and architectural ideas, Houzz, contributing writer Alison Hodgson breaks down the process into a series of steps to help you set priorities and get started. And, oh yes, we’re on Houzz, too. Come, visit us there as well as here!

Home renovations: make a list!First, she says, assess your conditions: “Before you try to do a thing, take a deep breath, look around and then decide what needs to be done.”

Next, determine your energy level: “When you are worn out, you need to acknowledge that and give yourself a break. Decide you are going to set things aside for a few weeks or months, even years. It’s important to make it a conscious decision; otherwise all the projects will be hanging over your head.”

Look at your budget: “It can be disappointing to wait because of money, but accruing a lot of debt to do a house project will not feel good.”

The next step, Hodgson points out, is to make a master plan: “Do you want to go room by room, or would it be better to do a big overall project, like giving everything a fresh coat of paint? This is where it’s important to be clear on your energy level, budget and personal style before you dive into anything.”

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