How can I improve the outside of my home?

Sure, we’re in the home remodeling and renovation business (commercial construction, too) but the outside of one’s home has amazing potential for the creation of amenities and living space you may not have even considered. Especially here in Florida there is little reason to keep our “living” restricted to the interior of our homes.

Get out! Enjoy our wonderful environment!

Conveniently for us all, Houzz staff writer Mitchell Parker just published a really great list of outdoor projects that will, when complete, enhance any home. (We’re on Houzz, too. Come find us there!)

Here are some of his ideas you may – or may not – have considered:

Add a deck. It’s hard to enjoy your outdoor space without a proper place to kick back and relax in. If you’ve got a sloping yard or a raised home, a deck may be right for you.

Add a built-in grill. Ditching that grill on wheels for a proper, more permanent outdoor grilling station is a dream for many of us. Here’s what to know about how much it will cost and whom to hire for help.

Splurge on an outdoor kitchen. A step up from a built-in grill or pizza oven, a full-on outdoor kitchen makes outdoor living better than indoor living.


Add an outdoor shower. What better way to enjoy your outdoor space than by taking all your clothes off?

Make a garden fountain. Water can have a restorative mental effect. Plus, a fountain makes a great focal point in any space.

Install a green roof. Green roofs add insulation to a home, which can help cut down energy costs, and they can reduce runoff pollution. Oh, and of course, they look amazing.

Build a greener driveway. No, not greener in the sense of color, but in its environmental friendliness.

Replace or revamp your garage doors. Garage doors are another one of those things that make a big first impression, and not only for you when you arrive home — if your garage faces the street, it effects guests, neighbors and passersby as well.

Add a solar water heater. Heating water accounts for a huge chunk of our energy usage. Solar is a great way to heat water with a renewable energy source — and without doing an extensive home remodel.

Replaster or remodel your pool. Like anything, pools don’t last forever. The expected life span of plaster on gunite pools is only 10 to 15 years. So if you purchased a home with a pool, or it’s been decades since you installed one, it’s probably ready for an update.

Put in a natural swimming pool. These pools avoid chemicals by keeping the water clean and clear through the use of plants and sand filters.

Replace your lawn with a garden. Less water use and maintenance are just two benefits of ditching your thirsty lawn for a more native garden.

Design the perfect front porch. If you’re thinking of adding a front porch or remodeling one, you’ll want to know the right measurements for the most function.

See more about these ideas, other ideas not included here and links to find ways to accomplish these projects at Parker’s full piece on Houzz: