Construction wages are rising

Construction wages are rising, according to the most recent published surveys and will continue to rise through 2017. At least that’s the immediate past and future for construction staff wages and salaries – employees and workers to handle necessary tasks and jobs such as project estimating, project managing and supervising job sites. Construction staff wages […]

Avoid a summer home mess

Ah, yes, it’s summer and the kids are all over the house but – good news! – there are plenty of ways to avoid a summer home mess. Just because the kids are all over the place and running wild with fun summer activities – and you’re dashing them all over town, even more than […]

Construction financing with digital currency

A Texas developer became in May the first in the U.S. to offer construction financing with digital currency. The Serene Country Homes Group, based in Fort Worth, TX, launched the digital currency financing effort, sometimes called a “digital asset token” and in this specific effort called, the Real Estate Token or RET, to finance a […]

Unclutter in 30 minutes or less

We’ve all faced it: our home feeling way too cluttered, suddenly, but we actually can unclutter in 30 minutes or less. Not possible, you say? Laura Gaskill, clutter expert (or, rather, the expert on getting rid of household clutter), gives us some fresh new ideas for simple steps to uncluttering a home in a recent […]

Construction employment gained 2.6%

Construction employment gained 2.6%, or 5,000 new jobs, in April over the same month in 2016, according to the latest figures – released in early May. The data reflects a continued, if tepid, slow and steady increase in construction work – both commercial and residential. The slow and steady upward trend nationally relfects similar patterns […]

Millennials love kitchen & bath remodeling

Millennials love kitchen & bath remodeling, according to the latest research by – yep – the National Kitchen & Bath Association, or NKBA. “Millennials spend an average of 17.7 percent more than the $19,155 typically invested in a kitchen remodel, and 42.3 percent more than the $11,364 normally allocated to remodel a bathroom,” according to […]