Waiting is half the fun!

Waiting is half the fun! Well, okay, maybe not in the case of home remodeling but delays have become common for home remodelers. According to the latest national data and surveys from Houzz, homeowners wanting to begin a remodeling project may be delayed a month or longer before the project can begin. “Homeowners can anticipate […]

Construction spending was up in May

Construction spending was up in May, according to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, up for the month and up from 2016. “Construction spending during May 2017 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,230.1¬†billion, nearly the same as…the revised April estimate of $1,230.4 billion,” said the Commerce Department. “The […]

The terminology of tile

Tile may be among the most understated – but effective – home remodeling features we have and yet the terminology of tile can often elude us. Unless we really understand tile and its uses as a homeowner we can make – or ask our home remodeling contractor to make – what might turn out to […]

Construction wages are rising

Construction wages are rising, according to the most recent published surveys and will continue to rise through 2017. At least that’s the immediate past and future for construction staff wages and salaries – employees and workers to handle necessary tasks and jobs such as project estimating, project managing and supervising job sites. Construction staff wages […]

Construction financing with digital currency

A Texas developer became in May the first in the U.S. to offer construction financing with digital currency. The Serene Country Homes Group, based in Fort Worth, TX, launched the digital currency financing effort, sometimes called a “digital asset token” and in this specific effort called, the Real Estate Token or RET, to finance a […]