Fantastic Florida yard using less water

It’s really possible, even in beautiful Southwest Florida to have a fantastic Florida yard using less water. And by “less water,” we mean practically none from the city water supply – only that which falls naturally upon the yard (which plentiful this time of year, of course). The key is landscaping one’s yard with plants […]

We are commercial builders too!

Sure, we’re known best for our superior home remodeling projects, but we are commercial builders too! As a matter of fact, the Henning Group – our parent company – is one of the best known and for generations, now, among the most highly respected commercial builders in the United States’ Midwest. Perhaps you’ve read here […]

A home checklist for June?

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…right? How about a home checklist for June? People who think the seasons never change in Southwest Florida just aren’t paying attention. Sure, we may not have quite as pronounced a summer “season” as some regions but our seasons change just like everywhere else. To begin we, many of us […]

Home renovations: make a list!

We know major home projects can seem overwhelming, sometimes, so we suggest breaking it down when it comes to home renovations: make a list! Start with first things first. What is the goal of your project? One room? More than one room? Interior? Exterior? How do you want your home to look when your project […]

Protecting your home while traveling

We all like to get away in August – one last trip before school returns – but don’t forget about protecting your home while traveling. There are plenty of easy steps to take, relatively small measures to make your home look (to potential burglars) like it’s being occupied by the loving family who always home. […]

Remodeling colors important to any renovation!

When it comes to remodeling colors play a very important role in the final outcome of any renovation project. Even before your friends, family and guests notice the superior craftsmanship of your remodeling project – like you will get from Renovations By Henning – they will notice the colors you chose for your project. In […]