We’ve all faced it: our home feeling way too cluttered, suddenly, but we actually can unclutter in 30 minutes or less.

Not possible, you say?

Laura Gaskill, clutter expert (or, rather, the expert on getting rid of household clutter), gives us some fresh new ideas for simple steps to uncluttering a home in a recent Houzz post.

(We published Gaskill’s tips to uncluttering before.)

She says uncluttering a home doesn’t have to be a foreboding, day-long chore.

“Instead, by carving out bite-size chunks of time to work on clearly defined tasks, you can get the serene space you deserve in a way that also works with your schedule,” she writes.

Gaskill’s suggested simple steps, 30 minutes or less:

1. Edit one bookcase. If you have a large book collection spread throughout the house, sorting through all those books at once may not be practical. So start with something more doable instead — like one bookcase.

2. Clear the kitchen counter. The kitchen counter is such a common dumping ground for all sorts of stuff: school notices, rubber bands, shopping bags, receipts, to-do lists and on (and on).

3. Make space under the kitchen sink. When was the last time you really looked under your kitchen sink? This area tends to become a storehouse for random cleaning products, plastic bags and jumbled tools.


4. Make your bedside table an oasis of calm. Why make a cluttered nightstand the last thing you see before bed and the first thing you lay eyes on in the morning?

5. Winnow your wardrobe, one drawer at a time. Rather than attempting to tackle your entire closet in one go, set your timer for 30 minutes and start with a single drawer.

6. Simplify the linen closet. Do you know how many sets of sheets and towels you own? If you’ve been accumulating linens for years without purging the old ones, chances are your linen closet is full — or overstuffed.

7. Organize art supplies. Whether you have kids at home or are an artist yourself, the art supply cupboard is bound to get messy. Toss out or recycle empty containers and dried-up markers.

8. Sort out the toy chest. Half an hour isn’t nearly enough time to go through a child’s entire room, but it should be adequate for clearing out one particularly messy toy chest or bin.

9. Remove worn and outgrown children’s clothes. Working through one drawer, shelf or hanging rack at a time, pull out any of your child’s clothes that are too small, or too damaged, to wear.

10. Clear your desktop. The next time you find yourself procrastinating instead of getting your work done, step away from aimless social media scrolling, and set the timer for a desk-centered clutter-blasting session instead.

Read Gaskill’s full piece: